Honey Moonshine

Honey Whiskey Recipe
1 gallon of honey
5 gallons of water
Super Start distillers yeast

Heat 2.5 gallons of water to 120° F and stir in 1 gallon of honey until completely dissolved.
Add honey water to 2.5 gallons of room temperature (70 degrees Fahrenheit) – when combined, final temp should be 95 degrees).
Allow to cool (or cool with wort chiller) and add yeast once liquid temp has dropped to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
Pour back and forth between two containers to aerate.

Transfer to a glass carboy, install air lock, and allow to ferment for at least 2 weeks (maintaining a 70 degree F liquid temp.)
After fermentation allow to settle for 5-7 days.
Siphon into a 5 or 10 gallon copper moonshine still and distill

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